Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Getting ready

So today was fun...the doctor called to schedule my surgery date and my pre-op appointment. Naturally I had known I was having surgery here on the 11th or 12th but for some reason this just ruined my last good week. I am a bit of a "if the date is not here yet I won't think about it" kind of person, and honestly that is how I get through this surgery stuff by just not thinking about it until I have to. So it really just put it back in my face I think and I started to get really anxious and worried and just all around unhappy about the whole thing.

Anyway, so the actual surgery date is the 11th of September. Call me supersticious but not exactly the date I want to be operated on (911 anyone?!) but I take what I can get. My pre-op is this Friday, I will meet with the anesthesiologist and get all my bloodwork done that day so I can go under the knife the following Tuesday.

So here's my fun story. We get done with all of that planning, and I go to finish my laundry...come back and there's a message on my phone from the doctor saying they want a mold of my face so they can see how far back to place the bar and can I come in 'as soon as possible'....as in today, right now. Ok...so can I bring my son (he's two)? Usually I'd just stick him in the bathtub with a can opener and a can of spaghettio's but this just isn't a good time with him teething and all. So he says sure, as long as he can stay still for 15 minutes guaranteed so we can get the mold done. Um, yeah...he is two. My 7 year old cant even stay still for that long with any sort of guarantees, heck I'm not even sure I can at this point I'm so darn nervous. I decided to call my mother in law and ask if she can watch Aron. She is actually home, so she says yes.

So I grab Aron in his pj's, no shoes or anything, grab my purse and walk out the front door only to realize, as the screen is shutting, that my keys are on the computer desk inside. I grabbed the door but it shut before I could get to it. Of all the times for it to close on its own, the darn thing sure as heck wont close when I am in a rush and just want it to do it for me, but it will close when my arms are full of groceries or, in this case, when I am staring at my keys sitting on top of the desk. And, of course, today is the day that the landlord is at work and my fiance started his new job in San Francisco so I am basically kinda up a creek without a paddle.

So there I am on the porch with NO keys, a toddler in his pj's and thats about it (who, by the by, decided then was a relaxing time to relieve himself along the number two course in his diaper, of which I had no replacements with me so the smell made it all the more special of a time for us), and I just break down crying. Looooooooong, crappy story somewhat short, my daughter didnt lock her car door (I'll never yell at her again for forgetting to lock her door) so I was able to get the carseat out and mother in law came to pick me up and I ended up driving her car (most cautiously I might add) to my appointment. I did have to cut the carseat out because we had it secured using the LATCH system and it was like an iron vice, I just could not get it out so I ended up ruining the leash by cutting through it and will have to buy another one, but it all worked out.

So the impression got done, they stuck an oxygen thing up my nose then stuck my face in a big pile of amalgam, or whatever it is they use for impressions, so that was fun and most importantly, is now done and I dont have to go back until Friday. Phew! I'll keep you posted from here on out, only one week left.

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