Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Well, yesterday went well. Apart from losing my cell in the morning (we dont have a landline phone) and discovering it underneath the couch, I think things went better than I expected. Having gone back to the Vicodin is really helping and I am thinking of staying on it for a couple more days just to be sure.

I really have been tired of laying in bed so what I did yesterday was I took our office chair which is super comfy, piled 3 pillows on it to raise myself up, and then put the ironing board on its lowest rung and set up an ironing station where I could sit to iron. I have been watching it pile up and pile up in our room, Chris is so good with doing the laundry but wont iron, and I am a total ironing FREAK. Between that and drinking a mug of coffee (courtesy of a sweet friend from Hawaii, it was soooooo good) and watching Project Runway reruns I had a pretty good morning, but paid for all my sitting up later on with somewhat painful hips. My mom came at noon to feed Aron and then she laid him down but he decided not to nap. My biggest issue has been lifting him up, especially to get him into bed. Being two, he runs now when you call him, so diaper changes or even little things are rough as I have to go after him and hunt him down, then pick him up. My poor hips really arent ready for that kind of treatment but when its just me here I have no choice really.

Some good news- I was able to sleep on my back periodically last night without choking, which was a nice change and I slept really well. Also, when I woke up today I could swear it looks like a tiny bit of the swelling had gone down but I cant really tell. I just woke up so I will post a picture later on today.

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