Friday, September 21, 2007

I have decided that my caloric intake is much less than the amount of energy I am expending every minute of each day. Its so frustrating because I cant open my mouth very far at all, I can barely get my pills in. Pretty much whatever I can eat has to be shoved onto the back of my tongue and swallowed (absolutely no chewing allowed) or it needs to be able to go up a straw. I am so sick of 'drinking' my meals every day, I feel like I will go crazy before this liquid diet restriction is over. I am tired of fruity drinks, tired of milkshakes, tired of Ensures, tired of soups with nothing in them just broth, tired of water, Capri Suns....I want a big fat juicy steak, a baked potato, some carrots and zuchinni! The past couple of days I gave up on eating and didnt take much in at all. Well, last night I was running a fever and every muscle in my body ached from walking around the hospital all morning, it scared me. I know I just have to keep eating, no matter how gross my allowable foods are *takes a nice big sip of her Ensure...puke*.

So boo liquid diet.

Also, boo to my inability to just freaking do things like a normal person. I admit I was a naughty girl today and decided to try to climb down our back flight of stairs (about 10 of them) and do a load of laundry it the laundry room. Bad idea. First of all, I got stuck halfway down when I realized it was a mistake but I was carrying a laundry basket full of dirty underwear and T-shirts so couldnt very well just go back up. I managed to make it back upstairs but was so out of breath I thought my heart was going to beat right out of my chest. You'd think I'd climbed Mt Everest. So when it was time to go back down and put them in the dryer, I got all the way down (which was easier without the clothes basket in my arms) and some lovely person had 'followed the rules' and closed and locked the laundry room door. I had left it open on purpose- damn rules- so I had to climb alllllll the way back up and get my keys just to go back down and put the clothes in the dryer. I think I will now be bedridden the rest of the day and when Chris finds out I did laundry he is going to have a coniption fit. Maybe he wont notice, sometimes it seems like guys think that clean clothes just magically appear in their drawers, so who knows.

It's just rough because I want to be able to do things, but I get so out of breath or I really start to hurt after walking around for a while that I have to stop. I want to be better now. I know its going to take time but its hard for me to know when to stop, basically. I just keep going and going until I am so out of it that I can barely move and end up laying around the rest of the day feeling sorry for myself and feeling about 200 years old. My pain control is another issue that has come up these past couple of days. The Vicodin seems to be too strong (it also gives me migraines and dry mouth) but the Tylenol extra strength just isnt cutting the mustard. So far today I took a Vicodin last night at 11 pm, then this morning popped 2 extra strength Tylenol since I always wake up in pain from sleeping on my cuts/face, and am now debating if I should do the Tylenol again or give in and take a Vicodin because of the physically draining morning I had.

Other than that thats about it for now...swelling looks the same today, but the bruises on my hips are really fading fast.


Janice said...

Ugh! I wish there was some way to make you feel better, heal quicker, and get back on to normal foods quickly. :(
As for the pain, you mentioned before your doc suggested Tylenol 3's for pain relief... that would give you that extra boost that extra strength doesn't have, but not as much of a hit as the Vicodin would give you. T3's also aren't as addicting as Vicodin, so you'd be able to worry less about that side of things. Just a thought :)

I hope you're doing better soon - and NO MORE LAUNDRY!!! ;)

Donna- Babyrx said...

Hi Tina, I tried to send you a private msg on Yada last week and my laptop lost the internet connection and it disappeared! Anyway, i've been lurking on Yada and your blog to see how you're doing. You're getting through this day by day and I'm amazed at your strength and ability to keep your spirits up. I'm sorry you are in so much pain. Maybe you mentioned this before, but can you take Motrin/ ibuprofen in between to give your liver a break from high doses of Tylenol? I wish your doctors were able to control your pain better, especially in the begining when you were going through those episodes of sleep apnea. How scary. Take care of yourself and rest! (Donna- Babyrx)