Thursday, March 20, 2008

Great update

Today's x-rays showed that I am not only making bone, its good bone AND it is already hardened in so many places! The only set back was there is one section in the very middle that hasnt 'turned over' yet, meaning it is not yet matured BUT typical bone grafts take anywhere from 6-9 mos to mature and it has only been just now 6 months anyway so the dr said we are right on track, if not a bit ahead of schedule because of how much bone has already hardened and set. He said that at this point we have enough bone already to do the implants anyway even if I dont make much more, as long as nothing new opens up or goes soft again.

So we are looking at this timeline (if all goes as planned):

*Next month: seeing the ortho who is going to take impressions and make me a denture for the bottom of my mouth, possibly a new CT scan taken

*1 1/2-2 mos from now: Having the surgery where they are going to go in and release my lip...this involves some pretty painful skin grafts as well but I really dont care after everything I have been through its just one more thing I am ready to do, plus its all on the inside of my mouth so no more external cuts to heal from thank god. Then they'll place the denture in my mouth to keep my lip from sinking in again, until they do the implants.
*3- 3 1/2 mos from now: Implants!!!!!!! Yay, food again!

I am just so excited I dont know what to do with myself. I was so anxious waiting for them to get the results...shaking, jittery because I am so used to hearing "we have bad news" or "there is a problem." Plus from here on out its all outpatient surgeries which are so minor compared to the long marathon ones I am used to.

Keep the good thoughts coming everyone!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A few pictures from Disneyland!

Just pictures for now, until I can blog about it. We had a great time!