Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meh, more blood

Ok so this morning there was blood on my side of the bed where I lay my head...not a ton but enough to worry me. I called the hospital and the dr said not to worry. I wish I could not worry! I spit out blood twice yesterday too, just a tiny bit but still. He said I am probably irritating the tissues up underneath the denture when I eat, and truthfully I know that is probably the case because food gets stuck under there all.the.time but in the past bleeding has always = bad stuff, so I cant help but be anxious over it all.

He told me to go get stuff called "super floss", its a really tough floss that I can thread underneath and work back and forth to try and get old food out. I am going to go look today, hopefully I can find some, though I have never heard of it. I am anxious for the real bridge of teeth to be put in, the bottom will go all the way down to the floor of my mouth and I wont have that huge gap underneath so all of these issues will hopefully be resolved then. I just cant shake the nagging feeling that something is wrong, though, and I hate that.

*Sigh. Someone tell me not to worry! :(

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I spit out a little blood again this morning when I woke up...I rinsed with my medicated mouth rinse and it didnt bleed anymore, then when I laid down again this afternoon to nap when I got home from work (I worked an early shift) I tasted some more blood when I woke up and spit out a little bit. I am worried, but trying not to get too carried away with worry. If it bleeds a lot, I will go in. If not then I will just hope that its irritated tissues again. :( We ate Japanese food last night and I did have a lot of rice get trapped under there, so I am wondering if some may have worked its way in and made the area super sensitive. Hopefully that's all it is. I continually feel like I am on the brink of some new kind of medical disaster- will that feeling ever go away?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Book Titles Anyone?

Here's just a few I've been tossing around lately. :p

How Luck Kicked Me in the Nuts- Twice (But You Can't Keep a Good Girl Down!)

Congratulations, It's Not Cancer...But We're Going to Have to Remove Part of Your Face!

The Tumor That Ate Chicago (And Part of My Face)

You're Going to Have to do What to my What using my What? (And Other Assorted Witticisms From an Ameloblastoma Patient)