Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lots of fun stuff

So there's lots going on these days.

Oh wait, no there's not, there's just PAIN. Stupid freaking PAIN!! I am miserable these days!! My swelling is going down on the right (slowly) but for some reason it's making that whole area more sore, it throbs all day long, and the Vicodin makes it stop but I can feel it still a bit all the time. Its like the kind of pain that consumes you and is all you can think about. What I dont get is why is the side that seems to be healing first hurting most. The swelling has been 'pushed' to the left side of my face so its lopsided, I guess I thought that side would be more painful because of the swelling but its not. I am calling first thing tomorrow to ask about getting some of the Tylenol 3's. I am freaking because I only have 2 Vicodins left and I need them to sleep tonight so tomorrow morning is going to be miserable.

Here's my lopsided mug:

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Donna- Babyrx said...

I left a message on the wrong day. I'm new to blogging. It's looks like you're improving. Yay! I hope you were able to get some sleep last night. And *boo* to running out of pain medication! Your doctors shouldn't let that happen. It sounds like you're rationing your supply already.