Monday, February 12, 2007

Make yourself a better person

I am often too hard on myself. I have been a perfectionist since birth. Everything I do has to be perfect. I need things in order, organized, neat and tidy. This goes to all aspects of my life, as far as cleaning, grooming (myself and my children) etc. I often drive myself crazy worrying about things being neat and will drive myself to exhaustion cleaning everything all at once when it just gets to me. I am also hard on myself emotionally. When I make a mistake I berate myself and get angry at myself. When I do something stupid I am the last person to forgive me.

These are all things I am realizing I need to let go to better myself.

If things aren't perfectly neat: its ok, it will get done. If my children get dirty: they will, eventually, get cleaned up. They are, after all, just children. Bad hair day? Oh well. Did something extremely dumb? You are only human- apologize to yourself or others and then let it go and learn from that mistake.

I am learning every day what it means to better yourself. Its whats inside that counts. I am going to make myself a better person.

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Shannon_b13 said...

Tina, I feel like I'm watching a metamorphosis. Once again, you are taking something dreadful and defeating and using it to make yourself a better, stronger person. You have no idea how much I admire you.