Sunday, February 18, 2007

Finding confidence in more than just looks

I never realized how much I always relied on my looks growng up. I was always fairly attractive, barring that ugly duckling stage we all tend to go through in pre-pubescence and early adolescence. I never had a hard time getting guys to ask me out or pay attention to me, could just flirt a bit with the guy behind the counter for a discount or some favors, etc....looking back on it now I do wonder if I ever really knew who I was, in fact, know who I am. Society places so much more emphasis on beauty rather than brains or personality....why is this so? And why as little girls do we grow up thinking this is all that matters. Back then, for me a bad day was a zit on my face or a horrid hair day. In the end, beauty fades and what are we left with? I suppose it's best for me anyway to find who I am now, it was bound to happen one day that I would no longer be attractive, I guess I just imagined that day wouldn't come so soon! So, I'd like to learn to love myself, flaws and myself for whats on the inside. And I'd like my daughter to do the same, and my son. Heres to a lifetime of finding my confidence, based on more than just looks!

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Shannon said...

What great lessons you are going to be teaching your kids, Tina. I don't get to see you face to face so I learn about you, what kind of person you are, what kind of heart you have, from a blind perspective. You are beautiful, strong, kind, and loving. I truly hope that someday you feel your face matches that. Until then, even in pictures, I just can't find someone I find so beautiful, ugly.