Thursday, February 8, 2007

I watched a show last night on people who have *real* facial disfigurement. After watching things like that, I really am thankful for what I look like. It could be so much worse. People in other countries who get these tumors get so disfigured because they cannot afford to have them removed. They eventually grow up into the brain and kill them. I am so blessed to have had the removal done in the first place. Now, if only we could get this next surgery underway! I have been having the hardest time sleeping. My anxiety is starting to kick in again, and I wake in the night and am just awake with my heart beating out of my chest. Of course this causes me to be tired in the day and grumpy. It's a vicious cycle.

Today I am on one of the peaks of this emotional roller coaster I have been on. Feeling a little better about myself, but still worried about the upcoming surgery.

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