Friday, February 6, 2009

Surgery Feb 17th

So I just got a call that my next surgery is scheduled for Feb 17th...they are going to attach the teeth then. Finally- I have been waiting so long and was starting to get worried that I hadn't heard anything. I have been getting anxious because the skin in the floor of my mouth over the implant that lost its healing cap has been swelling up like a bubble, but getting a little bigger every day. When I wear my denture it flattens out again and then gets round again when I take it out. It's gross. I am worried and hope there is no infection or something underneath causing it to do that. I am so so tired of worrying and seems I can't have a moments peace with this darn thing. Every time I think I am done being worried I find something new to be anxious about. Now I am going to be worried until then that they are going to find that one of the implants is loose or something when I go in and they cant attach the teeth.

After this is done I want to take a break off surgeries for a bit. I will probably get another night job again a few days a week to help out with the finances a bit and just take some 'me' time off. I think my body is saying it needs a break. I know mentally I do. This is draining.

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