Sunday, February 22, 2009

Post op tomorrow

I go in early to see the surgeons and prosthetics dr tomorrow. I am so glad because this is getting ridiculous! I cant barely eat and I cant even talk anymore it hurts so bad- the underside of my tongue is all raw and cut up on the left side. It looks like they either shaved the corner off the very back molar on the left side of the denture or it broke because there is a jagged piece just sticking out and that is what is doing all the cutting. So I am looking forward to having some relief from that- plus I am starving! I've already lost 5 pounds in less than a week (which isnt bad, I could stand to lose about 5 more but starving to do it is no fun!).

What has me a little worried is I am noticing whenever I eat or drink anything it gets caught up in the space under the teeth...there is a gap a few centimeters tall between the floor of my mouth and the denture and I am constantly having to clean it out and rinse with my peridex. It seems like no matter how careful I think I am, I find something trapped under there later! I am just so frightened of getting another infection under there, especially since I had one when I went in and for some reason my body doesnt show signs when I have one (fever, fatigue, pain and redness etc). I am going to end my antibiotic on Tuesday and I am going to ask for another week's worth tomorrow just to be sure...I cant help but have an ominous feeling about that infection I had, especially due to the fact that now there are teeth on top of it and I cant get a good look at it anymore and feel I cant clean it properly. So, I am going to talk to my surgeons tomorrow about that and see what they have to say.

I'll keep you all posted. Someone eat a big steak for me, please.

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Hi there
Hope by now you are fine and I really admire your courage. My name is Alain and I'm from Mauritius. My girl friend is completely shattered since she got to know that she is suffering cystic ameloblastoma.
She is soon undergoing surgery and we are both worried,scared and on my side I'm alike doomed.I read over your blog many times because you really gave very elaborate details.
Thank you
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