Monday, February 16, 2009

Please no

when i changed my pillowcase this morning there was brown stuff on it that had come out of my mouth. Oh my gosh please dont let this be new infection. I have been so worried about that bubble forming in my mouth and feeling like it was possibly an infection but they told me not to be worried. Please dont let this be happening to me. I cant get a hold of anyone because its a holiday. I will just have to go in tomorrow and brace myself for the fact that my surgery probably isnt going to be happening. I dont want to lose that implant...I cant believe this, I am shaking all over. I just dont know what to do. Please dont let this be happening.

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Melanie and family said...

Oh honey, I just saw this (dang rss feed is always a day behind for some reason). I will be praying for you!