Friday, February 20, 2009


Well, its been a pretty good couple of lips were pretty huge for the first 2 days but today they look SO much better. One side is still a little more swollen, but it just looks like I got hit in the mouth. The pain is mostly gone, just pretty sore still, so I do take the Vicodin to sleep better at night. The underside of my tongue is not liking the teeth down there and it keeps scraping on the edges when I talk so I have bumps all along the sides of my tongue that feel like when you bite your tongue over and over again in the same spot- pretty sore- so that makes it hard to talk normally. But that's about it. I still cant really chew, so am eating soft things like mashed potatoes, mac and cheese (swallowed directly- no chewing), strained chicken noodle soup, ice cream etc. I go back in on Monday to see the prosthetics doctor and my surgeons. They put me on an antibiotic every 6 hours for the infection I had and to prevent further infection and I am praying it works and am taking it religiously. Mostly it's just very very weird to feel teeth down there, and have them feel so secure and really in there. It's really hard to explain, as its something you just kinda take for granted since most people have them down there all the time! I am still getting used to sleeping with them in there (I used to take it out before bed) so that's a little uncomfortable but other than that I hope all is on the mend. *fingers crossed!*

On the home front things arent so son had pink eye last week right before my surgery, then I had surgery Tuesday and then Wednesday my daughter came down with pink eye as well and my son came down with a bad cold and cough. My husband only got the one day off of work (Wednesday) so on Thursday I had a sick Aron all by myself, good thing my parents took Ashley for me. It has not been easy, as my body just tells me it wants to sleep and rest but alas life just does not stop going just because I have had surgery so I just have to go on and do my daughter has her doctor appointnent which I have to take her to and it will be my first time driving since Monday, so I am a little anxious about it but hopefully it will be okay.

Here's a few pictures from this morning (excuse my face, I had literally just woke up):

Swelling going down:

The teeth:

Trying to smile my lopsided smile...the left side is still swollen inside pretty badly so my lip still sticks out:

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Amanda Ann said...

Wow! The swelling has gone down a ton!
I am happy to hear that the pain is mostly gone!