Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ouch and ick

I've been tasting a little blood in my mouth off and on since last night and was getting worried, as I havent tasted any blood at all since I got home from my surgery and new bleeding is never good...well, I finally figured out where its coming from. The teeth on the left side are very sharp for some reason and are cutting at my tongue every time I talk or try to eat something. I looked on the underside of my tongue and its filled with sores and they are now bleeding. Yuck! Also my throat is so incredibly doctor said I coughed quite a bit during surgery (I was coming down with a bit of a cold before I went in) and I had a tube in my throat for breathing so it must have scraped my throat raw in there because I cant eat anything that has any texture to it at all. Incredibly hot things/incredibly cold things also have been burning my throat, so I am getting more and more limited as to what I can eat until that heals up. Its exacerbated by the fact that my cold is getting even worse so I have been coughing a lot more every day and my throat is getting sorer from that.

Other than that I am just dandy.

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Amanda Ann said...

Oh no!! That must hurt a bunch! I am so sorry!!

BTW~ Love the new blog look!! :)