Monday, November 17, 2008

Where's the teeth?

Well, I sure as heck wont know...for at last a few more weeks. :(

I went in today for my post-op follow up and they said that with 4 out of 5 of my implants my soft tissue is trying to grow back over the exposed implants and healing caps. I guess after all this time of my immune system not working and healing me that it's decided that it wants to OVER heal me, so it is making excess tissue like crazy and trying to cover up what the doctors worked so hard to expose on Friday's surgery. They have to take off the healing caps in order to make an impression for the new bridge of teeth that will go over the implants, but today they discovered they cant because they cant get the healing caps off since they are half buried back in newly formed soft tissue. SO they have to put me under anesthesia they said because they cant use just novicane because of all the nerve damage in the area and they will have to dig around each implant cap to get it off and it will be extremely painful if I am awake.

The thing that sucks is my parents will be out of town starting Saturday until December 5th, so we have to wait until they get home from their trip for me to be put under and this procedure done. Chris just cannot take any more time off of work and I dont have anyone to take me to the hospital to do the procedure without one of my parents to do it. I am bummed, because Chris and I really were hoping that these teeth would be in before we get married end of December but I am just not sure if that is going to happen now.

Anyway, other than that the area looks very good they said and nicely healed from my surgery Friday, it is the fastest I ever healed from a surgery and the nicest I have ever healed without any complications, and for that I am greatful at least.

That's the latest news for now.

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