Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So, I have noticed that 2 of my implants are almost all the way covered up again! I am fairly certain they are going to have to go back in and re-uncover them. Why does my body hate me so? For ages it won't heal itself or do what its supposed to, and now it's determined to go back and make up for that by over healing itself...they're supposed to be uncovered, darnit!!! I suppose this will set me back again another month or so, but who's counting at this point with the setbacks, right? I wont know until I can make it back in to see my surgeons, and that wont be until after Thanksgiving, so probably next week sometime.

As usual...I'll keep you posted. Blah.

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ginny said...

Saw ur blog link from the amelo yahoo! group. I'm a 24 yr old amelo patient (I was diagnosed just after my 20th birthday).

Hmn.. about the implants covering up, the same thing happen to me too! It was until the point I had to go back every week for my dental surgeon to check if its covered up. I remembered everytime my dental surgeon said "local anaesthetic" to his nurse, it means I am going to be in a lot of pain and stitches, lol. If I rem correctly, the whole situation lasted around 6 mths until my implants are settled in. So please DONT feel ur body hates you, you are going to be fine!

And thank you for having this blog, when I read ur entries sometimes tears just flow down.. coz I know exactly what the feeling is like. And you looked fabulous now!! Really!! I had only 3 teeth on my right side, so u can imagine how my lopsided smile and the jutting chin looks like. I really really wish I can have an op to make my face more aligned, haha.