Monday, November 10, 2008

Post surgery update

Sorry it has been so long! I have mostly been sleeping and resting, but am back to feeling about 99% today which is the fastest I have ever recovered from a surgery before! The surgery itself went pretty well. The doctor said they had a difficult time uncovering the implants so it went a bit longer than they thought. Then, after I woke up, they sent me to do a panoramic X-ray (it gives you a 360 view of the entire jaw) and found that the cap was not on all the way on one of my implants and there was some excess bone sticking out preventing the cap from going on. So after much teasing about how "these things always happen only to you, Tina!" they had to numb me and shave that extra bit off and put the cap back on. It was a lovely experience, I'll just say that much, as I do not stay numbed for long. But then they said all was well and sent me home. I came straight home and slept, and that night had some strained potato soup and went back to bed. Then the next day I pretty much slept off and on the whole day as well.

On Saturday I noticed that each of my implants had a blood clot on top of it, so you couldnt see the metal caps anymore and I felt a bit worried but tried not to get too worried. Then I noticed the implant where they had had to go back in, the blood clot on top of that one was huge, about the size of a molar, maybe bigger. It felt all bubbly too like the skin was blowing up in that area like a balloon. I started to stress about it but when I woke today I noticed it has diminished in size, to where it is only covering the top of the implant, and all the other clots are gone! I feel so much better. I think it was just the added trauma of having to go back in and mess with that implant some more that made that clot larger. So, I think it will shrink down and come off like the others did.

The thing that really bums me out, is I thought this was IT for the implant stuff but I learned this is what they call "Stage 2" of the implant process, which is 'uncovering the implants.' They basically have to wait now for these to heal, so I cant even wear my bottom denture. I was really upset when I heard that, as I have a huge fear of my lip caving in again, though I remind myself that happened after a year and a half of no teeth in there, not one week, but still the fear is there. Plus I feel so embarassed being out and about and when I talk I lisp again, because I have been so used to teeth being in there for the past month or two. So I probably will stay home a lot this week and veg out here, though I do go out for things I have to go out for. Its so easy to forget what you have been through when things start to improve, isnt it? Oh and as far as meds go, I am taking my penicillin regularly (every 6 hours) but I haven't needed my codeine since the second day. Yay!

Anyway, I see the prosthetic dentist next Monday, and he is going to shave the bottom of my denture so I can wear it again over the healing implant studs. I believe the next step is they just screw a different top onto each implant and it attaches to the teeth, so really the next step will be the final one. I dont even think that involves a surgery either, so hopefully I will be done with surgeries for at least a while after this. I havent been in the mood for any picture taking, but will try to take one later on, all you can really see is the metal balls of the heads they screwed on to the tops of each implant.

I'll keep you all posted...thank you for the prayers and good wishes!

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Jill said...

praying for you !!!! thank god it went to smooth, seems your healing quickly, but im praying AGAINST infection/redo's etc. {{{HUGS}}}