Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still no appetite

and it's wearing me out! Taking care of two children alone all day is exerting more energy than I feel I have to give. I am not taking in enough calories so I end up feverish, jittery and exhausted at the end of the day because of all the running around I am doing. It really stinks trying to force myself to eat when I just am not into it. Or I think I want something and then cant eat it when I try. Poor Chris, I begged and begged him for a slice of pumpkin pie last night, I just wanted it so bad, and of course being the wonderful guy he is, he runs to the store to buy me a slice, complete with whip cream. I took a few bites and that was it. Hopefully this will pass soon, it is almost noon and I am still in my jammies and Aron is begging to go to the park to play and climbing the walls like a typical 3 year old would do being so coooped up. Would it be too odd to go to the park in my pajamas? :P


Jill said...

NOPE ... just do it, who cares. fresh air for you & him OUT of your hair for a bit !!! enough to wear him out for a nap for both of you ;)

Anonymous said...

If you live in CA doesn't anything go? Come on if Brittney doesn't wear shoes in a gas station restroom, you definetly can wear pajamas to the park! Go For IT! You need to keep your strength up, force yourself to drink a smoothie or soup or scrambled eggs. I know nothing was appetizing for me after they dug around in my mouth for at least a week each time. I could stand to lose a few LBS you on the other hand need to keep your strength up to chase around your little ones. Hopefully you'll be smiling again with a fully loaded porcelain smile!

Dexy said...

Try a Vanilla Protein shake. You can put anything you wont in it but I suggest you do strawberries, Bananas and orange juice. It tastes so good, it is good for you and you get the nutrients you need for the day.