Friday, August 29, 2008

Biebrich scarlet

My appointment went well today. I saw the 'big doctor' (Dr. I) and he said that the exposed metal isnt very deep and he thinks that it can be closed using this stuff called Biebrich scarlet, or 'scarlet red.' It is a chemical that is wiped onto the area and it is supposed to promote soft tissue growth, and I will have to have it done a few times. So hopefully the area will close itself up. We still have a few months to try to get it to close, even if just a bit more, as they arent planning on uncovering the implants and putting the teeth in until later in October. They want to get the full amount of healing time. Knowing me, this is a good idea, since we dont want to get ahead of ourselves and then have to go back in again and remove the teeth to do some procedure or another. I am not in a rush to get the teeth, I have been without bottom teeth for 3 years now so its really not a huge thing for me. My chin was the biggest thing cosmetically that bothered me, and now that that is fixed I am happy as a clam to be patient for the rest to get done. :)

They tried the prosthetic denture that will eventually become my implants on again today and its set too far back and is also too low. It needs to be built up a bit more for height, so they are going to have to work on it some more. I dont like how far back it sits, I feel like the edges of my mouth sink in because its so far back. The problem is, the implants are placed near the back, so if they go too far forward with the teeth it becomes weaker...imagine a diving board. If someone is standing farther back, the board is not going to move, but as you move farther and farther to the front it starts to get less stable, that is also the same way with the implants. I think it will come out okay in the end though. It was awfully weird seeing teeth down there when I smiled though!

I met a medical student (I think she was a student) who specializes in ameloblastoma today. The first thing she asked me was "Do you have a blog?" I said yes and she said she thought I looked familiar...she has read my blog and said it is well done. She said it was an interesting read, from the patient's perspective of things. So, hello to you Ms. Medical Student reading out there....sorry, I dont remember your name.


Of course, as usual, I will keep you all posted!


Lisa B said...

Wonderful news, Tina! I am so happy to hear it.

catalyst33 said...

Great that things are going so well. No surgery. It seems like you've gotten to the point where ameloblastoma is no longer in charge. The recent picture of you look great - you're a pretty lady regardless. I wish I could develop some patience - I've been without bottom teeth for 2 years and i'm having a hard time with it. Perhaps I'll get there. Best to you and your family - Cheryl

catalyst33 said...

missing your commentary lately - you always have something thought provoking to say - maybe that means life is moving on - a good thing !