Friday, September 26, 2008

Got teeth?

I did, some new bottom ones. :) Right now it's just a temporary denture but they will actually be attached to my implants later on. I think we are aiming for in a couple more months, it feels like they keep telling me 'a couple more months' but I am pretty sure they mean it this time!

I like it. Cosmetically, there are a few things that bug me but I am going to have to get used to it. First, my chin juts out in my profile. BUT it looks ok from the front so I can ignore that. Second, on either side of my mouth its a bit sunken in (because the chin comes out so far). There's not much they can do about that now. Also, its almost impossible to smile, and when I do- the bottom teeth dont show! Argh, after all this time waiting for teeth and they dont even show when I smile! I hate that because the only way I can smile now is with my mouth partially or all the way closed. That is because I lost SO much soft tissue and gum on the bottom that they can only build it up so far, so it is lower than where my normal teeth would come up to (if that makes any sense). It also makes it a little difficult to close my mouth all the way naturally. I am going to mention that to the doctor on Monday when I see him again. He wanted me to wear it for a bit before they made any adjustments to it. I am sad that I have lost my old smile, but will have to get used to this new one.


Teeth- excuse the pimple on my chin, I swear I am almost 30!

One Chris took of me smiling, he thinks I look beautiful:

And the closest I can get to a smile where my teeth are showing:

Talk to you all soon!


Peggy Durant said...

Tina - You look absolutely radiant - you are beautiful. What a transformation. Your doctors did a great job.

You hung in there through years of uncertainty and failure and now, finally, you are nearing the goal...getting back to normal with a functional mouth!

Hooray for you! I am so happy for you.


Lisa B said...

Oh my goodness, you most certainly DO look beautiful. Glowing, in fact. This is incredibly exciting. I'm so happy for you!

catalyst33 said...

you look awesome ! PS - I am 44 and never had a pimple on my chin until all these surgeries. Now I get them no matter what I do. Congrats! Cheryl

Jill said...

HOT DAMN !!!!! those look great & you look AMAZING always !!!!