Friday, May 1, 2009

Book Titles Anyone?

Here's just a few I've been tossing around lately. :p

How Luck Kicked Me in the Nuts- Twice (But You Can't Keep a Good Girl Down!)

Congratulations, It's Not Cancer...But We're Going to Have to Remove Part of Your Face!

The Tumor That Ate Chicago (And Part of My Face)

You're Going to Have to do What to my What using my What? (And Other Assorted Witticisms From an Ameloblastoma Patient)


Laura said...

You should write a book. Seriously.

ginny said...

Do you have the authors of all the books (if possible) ? Im interested to read :)

(amelo patient from singapore)

Tina said...

Hi Ginny! Unfortunately those arent "real" books, just titles I made up. But that would be very awesome if they were! Maybe one day you can read one written by me, huh?


ginny said...

Hi Tina,
Thanks for replying :) you are so nice! Probably one day you can conjure some amelo survivor quotes for us! I also hope one day I can read a book by you, luv your dosage of wit and humor =) I'm in need of lots of internal strength to pull through.. prob coz my face is very lopsided (left 3 teeth on the left jaw) and my doc asks me to just accept it and concentrate on my inner self (but the cynicism and realism in the 25 yr uni student me keeps prevailing) Im sorry for dumping my situation to you, because I really felt what you went thru in the earlier posts and I do want to reassure you that you have a wonderful face now, so please dont worry! :)


Tina said...

ginny, i am slightly lopsided as well, but you cant tell unless you are looking down at me...from the side i am still weird looking too my chin juts out too far and i have some scar tissue build up underneath my neck. so i know what you mean, i feel so self conscious i hate people to look at me from the side.

it is hard...i was 23 when i had mine removed, too young to have to worry about things like not having teeth and your face being messed up, and it too rare for me to find others my age to relate to with this. i know how you feel and hope one day you will be all better again! hope to hear from you soon!

ginny said...

Hi Tina,
Thanks for replying! :) if you like we can correspond through email (i can send u pics.. and u shall know how bad my situation is, lol) I just turned 20 when mine was removed, just finish my exams in polytechnic (similar to high school) and.. fast forward, 5 years already! just had my birthday yesterday, instead of wishing for a better face structure, i wished for a happier me :( my email is: (ziqi is my chinese name) hope we can share a correspondence to cheer each other on! (but you looked very pretty already and not lopsided at all!)