Saturday, May 2, 2009


I spit out a little blood again this morning when I woke up...I rinsed with my medicated mouth rinse and it didnt bleed anymore, then when I laid down again this afternoon to nap when I got home from work (I worked an early shift) I tasted some more blood when I woke up and spit out a little bit. I am worried, but trying not to get too carried away with worry. If it bleeds a lot, I will go in. If not then I will just hope that its irritated tissues again. :( We ate Japanese food last night and I did have a lot of rice get trapped under there, so I am wondering if some may have worked its way in and made the area super sensitive. Hopefully that's all it is. I continually feel like I am on the brink of some new kind of medical disaster- will that feeling ever go away?


Anonymous said...

Tina, I felt like this for a long time, but I try to remember that the hardest part was the tumor and that is not there anymore, so we have to be be strong and see every day like a gift. It´s hard to take a look at the mirros sometimes,and see some people looking at me and I ask God why this happening with me, still don´t have an answer to that. Just try to keep my head up and go on. best resgards, Helen

Tracey said...

how are you now tina?