Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meh, more blood

Ok so this morning there was blood on my side of the bed where I lay my head...not a ton but enough to worry me. I called the hospital and the dr said not to worry. I wish I could not worry! I spit out blood twice yesterday too, just a tiny bit but still. He said I am probably irritating the tissues up underneath the denture when I eat, and truthfully I know that is probably the case because food gets stuck under there all.the.time but in the past bleeding has always = bad stuff, so I cant help but be anxious over it all.

He told me to go get stuff called "super floss", its a really tough floss that I can thread underneath and work back and forth to try and get old food out. I am going to go look today, hopefully I can find some, though I have never heard of it. I am anxious for the real bridge of teeth to be put in, the bottom will go all the way down to the floor of my mouth and I wont have that huge gap underneath so all of these issues will hopefully be resolved then. I just cant shake the nagging feeling that something is wrong, though, and I hate that.

*Sigh. Someone tell me not to worry! :(


Helen said...

Hi, tina! How are you? When i had my Dental Implants they told me to use ELUGEL, it´s a gel the prevent infections and can be used on postoperative, if you do´t find ask for a gel for gums containing clorohexidrina. About the super floss you have to be carefull, cause can hurt a litle, my dentist advised me to it after being healed. My email:
Be strong, you will make troght all this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tina, It's Sandra, so you got your implants? when b/c i will get mine in 4 wks & i will get dentures wired in until they heal, i am excited. I understand why you worry b/c everything in the past that could of when wrong did, but i thing you finally almost made it to the finish line. i am behind you.