Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Creaky jaw

UGH. I am so annoyed. My jaw has been so creaky lately...more and more so as time goes by. It is very disconcerting. I mentioned it last time I was at the doctor and they all said the same thing (teeth feel fine and anchored, etc) so then why is it getting worse? Its only on the right side, too. I have one less implant on that aside, because I lost one that was over on that side and that is why I am so nervous about it all. Its just hard to describe the way it sounds and feels when they ask me what I mean by creaking at the doctors...when I press on the underside of my jaw I can actually feel movement of the entire thing...I dont know if its the plate moving too or if its just the teeth, I think its just the teeth but I dont know! I wonder if this is just how it will be for the rest of my life. Its so stressful because I am having a hard time eating (creaking reminds me of things breaking, so I cant really eat what I want to without worrying) and sleeping, as when I lay on one side the whole thing creaks a lot. *Sigh. I hope this is just a temporary thing, maybe it is the temporary bridge of teeth since it is made out of plastic and it will stop when the "real" bridge goes on *crosses fingers.*

Other than that things are just dandy.


Anonymous said...

i'm going through the EXACT same thing.. and i'm a young mom of two too! i had my amelo removed about 8 years ago.. my jaw started creaking and popping i got an xray and my plate's broken.. and they are making me the the graft too.. i wasnt able to at the time because i was too busy taking care of infants.. i don't want to go from the hip and am looking at bmp options but the dr is concerned the swelling would be dangerous

im nervous.. i joined the yahoo group but my threads dont show up and i'm going through all of this now and could use a little support from someone who knows what i'm going through..

deweycase@megagate.com said...

Even since my last surgery, my jaw creaks & pops also. I can definatley feel slight movment where the plate and graft is. It freaks my wife out since she can actually hear it when we're reading or watching TV in bed.

All my x-rays and CT's come back fine, so I think some noise and flex is just part of it.

Tina said...

thanks guys! it has been really bothering me lately. i keep telling myself it is the temporary bridge of teeth, as i have been chewing on it a lot and hadnt been chewing much before due to lack of teeth down there..so maybe i will just have to be creaky forever. :p

anonymous, your posts will take a bit to show up on the ameloblastoma board. if you'd like to email me your questons, i can post them to the board for you until your stuff starts to show up (or try to answer some of your questions myself). my email is tmarieortega@yahoo.com. the email address linked with my blog is an old one i rarely check. hope to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

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