Monday, July 14, 2008

Waiting and waiting...and itching

Well, I havent seen my doctors for a while and they dont need to see me again until the 21st, so I have gotten a little bit of a break which is nice. They are in the process of making me a denture that has teeth on it for me to wear while we are waiting, as the implants still need a bit more time, and we are also hoping that the exposed area in my mouth will cover itself up a bit more. To be honest it looks the exact same to me all the time, though last time I saw the doctor he said it looked a little smaller and seemed satisfied. I dunno what they are seeing that I am not so I just dont look in there except to make sure that I have rinsed everything out of my mouth after a meal.

A new development I have had lately that I do not think is even related to all of this is a bad case of hives that have cropped up, and have been here since Wednesday night. I am so itchy and horribly miserable. I have been taking Benadryl around the clock, as if I go longer than 5 hours without taking another dose they crop back up again. They are awful when they come and just take over my whole body in patches, with a series of raised bumps that all just mesh together to form one big sucky patch of itchy crappiness. *Sigh. I am eagerly awaiting their departure. I am not under any more stress than I have ever been in, in fact things are fine lately, and believe me I know stress and have been under huge amounts of it before, and in the past it has been the only reason why I have ever had hives, and never longer than 24 hours either.

Anyway, I will update you all of course when I know more.

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