Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I am SO sorry!

I realized I havent update you all as I promised I would! How awful of me. Anyway, my last appointment went well. I saw Dr. Indresano this time, and he says he feels that the area will cover itself back up again. Worst case scenario is I may get an infection (with it being exposed there is always the possibility) and have to have a small piece of the plate removed, but that of course is worst case...other options are to put a small bit of skin over it, so it would be a much smaller skin graft than last time was, or even, he says, to leave it be- some people live with metal in their mouths exposed all the time, so we will see. Of course with me being so susceptible to infection I would feel better if it was covered up but I will leave the decision up to them.

I go back in next week for them to take an impression, as he wants them to make me a denture that actually has teeth on it that fits down there to wear for now until the implants are 100% ready to go. This bumper I wear is really uncomfortable and I dont wear it as often as I should, and he is concerned about my lip falling inwards again. So, that is it for now.

Oh and in other news, Chris and I have started plans to get married this winter, most likely in December when my surgeries are (hopefully) almost over, just in case anything happens with my insurance. I hope nothing major happens between now and then, we have been engaged for 3 years now (since right before the doctors found my tumor) and have been putting things off repeatedly due to always needing a new surgery or some other medical mishap that happened to me. We are really going to do it this time, and I am so excited!

I'll try to be better about updating.

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Amy said...

Congratulations to you and Chris!! I'm glad that you have something wonderful to look forward to! Good luck!