Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blah :(

I couldnt sleep last night.

It's my own fault. The way I deal with some things is to just not think about them or look at them. Well, what I should have done is look at what the doctor was talking about yesterday and I just didnt do it, so I am not *quite* sure what he is talking about. So I tried to look in there last night. Well, I can see a LOT of metal down there and I dont know if its the implants or if its supposed to look like that or what but it wasnt just 2 cm- it was a LOT of metal it more of the plate exposing itself already or what?

I am so freaked out and just feel sick all the time. I cant eat, and I am just always feeling like I want to throw up. I feel another surgery looming here...another skin graft at best to cover it back up again or...worse if I get an infection in there.

Please send good thoughts my way. I have come so far, and I just feel like I cant go on more if anything else bad happens.

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Shannon said...

You are going to be fine. You will get through this the same way you've gotten over bumps (okay mountains) in the road moment at a time. In the meantime, I'm here.