Sunday, May 4, 2008

New picture and a new worry

Well things are going very well. The pain on the right side is really starting to go away and only hurts if I try to stretch my mouth by smiling. I havent had a vicodin since Friday night. It is still lumpy a bit underneath and looks a bit weird under there still. It hasnt gone down much at all and I am worried it is going to stay that way but the doctor said it can always be made to look better later, I know the main concern is my chin/mouth/bone/teeth right now.

My new concern is the nerve on the right side. When I try to make any kind of face or something in the mirror its almost like it is paralyzed. I have never noticed it before..I am wondering if it is because I am scared to move that side because it is the painful side or what but I have to force myself to make it move or think about it (like 'move the right side up when I am smiling'), it doesnt just make movements on its own. I am going to ask the doctor about it and am wondering when all is said and done if I will have a lopsided smile. After everything I have been through that really is a small thing but it would kinda suck if that happened as I really do miss my smile since I am a pretty hysterical person :).

Anyway here is today's picture (with a new way too short hairdo that I guess I am hating less each day but still it is way shorter than I would like and I cry missing my hair). Oh and I am not mad I swear, though I look like I just got done killing some people in this picture:



pdurant said...

Tina - I think you look wonderful. Your chin and mouth look fantastic - beautiful.


Anonymous said...

You are freaken hilarious!! ;0)

You look beautiful and if anything just be glad for that. The smile thing would only be a small thing and wouldn't affect how beautiful you are.

allison said...

tina you're looking fantastic girl! I'm so happy that things are looking up for you!

And I think your hair looks really cute! You have gorgeous hair so you could rock any style!

Dre the Texican said...

The docs did good work! And what is wrong with the hair? I love it.