Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Great news!!!

I am copying and pasting this update I posted on my ameloblastoma board.

I got such wonderful news today. My implants are almost already
healed. The doctor wants to wait 4-6 more weeks before they put the
teeth in but I am just so happy this is finally happening!!!

The surgery where they released my lip worked has gone back
in a teeny tiny bit, there is just a shadow of an indentation but
truth is it will never be fully flat and cosmetically 'perfect' again
but it at least looks normal now. They stretched it out for 6 weeks.

I had the wires and hardware taken out today without any pain
medication and let me tell you- that was horribly unfun, I cried like
a little wussy when they pulled them out of my jaw. But now no more
poking into my soft tissue and I will hopefully be able to sleep at
night again. I am back on antibiotics because of the holes from the
wires, just as a precaution but hopefully after that all will be well.

I am not able to wear a denture or anything yet as the skin graft
inside needs more healing time but they did put the bumper back in, it
is a soft thing that holds the lower lip out so it isnt caved inwards, but
it is purely cosmetic and only to be used when I am out and about- at
home I am to look like a tiny old lady and leave it out lol.

Just wanted to update everyone on my happiness!!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You look lovely.