Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not bad news...

So it appears the pus that was in my neck last time and this past time was not bacterial, that is, not another infection- thank God. I discovered for the first time today that pus doesn't neccessarily mean infection- I always thought it did (and it would have saved me a TON of worries and stress if I would have known that before as well, grrr). They said its just mixed in with 'normal' secretions from the neck, I guess I have an overabundance of fluids and it just created a little sac to build up in. So now we are back to just regular wound care, poor Chris gets the brunt of it. Clean the area with the bacitracin (sp?), then flush the wound with saline and pat dry, then pack it with the silver nitrate and bandage it all up again until it heals. Its tedious and annoying but I'd rather have that than another unknown infection any day.

So that was the bit of good news I got at this morning's appointment. I am still extremely wary. Its sad when good news just isnt 'good' to me anymore, because it seems it is ever changing, and tomorrow (or even tonight) could bring about a whole new host of problems which could put me in the hospital. I find its worse on me to get up and up and then the fall seems so much greater when something new bad happens, so I am trying not to feel anything. I am very drained emotionally these days. Yesterday I had crying jags off and on, similar to right after I had my son. It is very tiring to feel so much at once and I find that I dont have much energy at all, yet I sitll have to force myself to rest as my mind continues to go at about 110 mph. I just wish my body could keep up.

They did not do the testing today. They have to make all kinds of arrangments for it as well as try to get my insurance to cover it, and I am not even sure if it will be done at the same hospital (or even if they will even do it if I start to heal finally, who knows). I'll keep you updated on that situation as well.

One day at a time.


Anonymous said...

Life is an up and down battle but I will pray that you have more ups then downs and hopefully it will end on an up day. -Irene-

stacey said...

It is good news to hear that it was not another infection. I didn't know you could have puss and no infection either. I'll add that to the list of things it would have been great to know before.

I know how hard it is to get your hopes up that things are finally going to be all better and then be sent back two or three steps. I became one of those people who always would believe in the worst case scenario and then I could at least feel a little relief when things weren't that bad. But, I don't think I was really living while doing that.

I continue to keep you in my thoughts. I hope that good news continues to come your way.

Jessi said...

Missing you over on Yada and thinking of you.