Monday, October 8, 2007

Well, another good day at the doctor with some confusing news as well. The doctors are very pleased with how my neck wound is healing up and it seems the infection is either 100% gone or going. But today they said I am not considered out of the woods yet because there is no way of the infection gone because of the aggressive meds I am taking (the Zosyn) or is it gone because it just is. Does that even make sense? In essence, is the only thing keeping my body from rejecting the graft the Zosyn? So I guess we wont know until 5 weeks from now when I stop the medication if it is going to come back or not. That is disheartening because I had thought that once I finished the Zosyn all would be well and to think that it could possibly come back and my body reject more and more of it is so scary to me. Will I have to be on medication for the whole 6-9 months it would take for the graft to solidify? Is that even a possibility (dont you build up immunity to certain meds over time)? Ugh I dont even want to think about that. So send good healthy thoughts my way that this turn around is because my body is starting to 'like' my graft and not 100% because of the medication alone.

So I still have to go every day this week to have my wound checked and packed by the doctor. The incision is getting so small, Chris said last night it's like trying to stick gauze into a paper cut. I now have a medicated syringe we have to squirt into the wound for the next week or so but hopefully it will be closed up soon so I can shower again! Its too hard to shower with not being able to get two parts of my body wet, if I only have to worry about my arm getting wet it would be so much easier.

My swelling looks the same today. I know its a long road but I guess I am getting impatient. I have lost 11 pounds, and none of my pants fit right anymore. Because of my strict diet it will be almost impossible to gain that weight back again but my goal is to not lose too much more. I am onyl at 119 right now (I was up to 130 before my surgery) so any more could be bad for me health wise. I am also taking a multi vitamin to get my iron and calcium levels up.

That's all for now!

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