Thursday, October 18, 2007

No more drama in my life

Ha, yeah right. I am either the unluckiest person when it comes to all this stuff or there is something really wrong with me...yesterday when I was carrying my 2 year old son I started to jog with him across our parking lot (it was raining) and I heard a loud *crack* sound from my
right hip. My hip kinda swung forward and it threw me off balance so I just sat down on the ground, it hurt so bad at first that it took my breath away.

I had to go to the ER and met my dr there. They took X-rays and found that I had fractured along the top of my hip bone. No surgery required but I have to be on bed rest, no weight on that leg and use crutches for six weeks. Ugh. My hips felt fine! They said they had to take so
much bone from both sides for my graft that they are still weak whether they are bothering me or not. I often forget they've been operated on at all. I was just starting to feel normal after my
infection that landed me in the hospital and now this! Ridiculous.

And if I hear one more time "well THAT wasn't supposed to happen" or "that doesnt usually happen," I am going to scream.

So, I woke up today in a fair amount of pain. It was so hard to sleep last night, I could only sleep on my left side because obviously the right side is out, and then when I tried my back the pressure of my body weight bearing on my right hip was too much. Its also so hard to use my crutches that I have just been hobbling everywhere but then every once in a while I will bear down harder than I thought and the pain just shoots everywhere. Its difficult not to be on your feet when you have a little one at home. Ashley is spending the weekend at my mom and dad's again, she only got to be home for 3 days before something else happened. I am going to try to get proficient on these crutches this weekend so she can come home again. I need to be able to get up and down our apartment staircase on crutches so I can get her to school, that's the biggest dilemma. I can get up ok but down is so scary, its a pretty steep flight of concrete stairs and with my track record these days I'd most likely end up at the bottom of it with a crutch sticking out of my eye or something. I have also been feeling so tired all the time, which is not like me, all day yesterday all I wanted to do was sleep. I am guessing its just my body's way of saying it's had enough. It was hard to get up this morning too.

Yesterday Chris said he was telling his boss about everything that has been going on lately and his boss said if he hadnt been hearing it from Chris and know him that he'd think that he was full of crap. Boy I think I have never wished I was full of crap so much in my life and that I will just wake up and this will be the world's craziest dream or something. I guess I just keep saying well maybe our luck is about to turn for the better after all of this. I am, however, seriously considering just putting a bubble around myself like Bubble Boy and living like that. I am sure somehow I'd manage to damage myself anyway.

My son keeps using my cruches as weapons, he will pick one up and carry it around going "Bam! Bam!" I think he's trying to take me out. Here's a picture of him 'guarding' my crutches, every time I need to use them he cries and I have to wrestle them away from him:
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That's it for now, I wore myself out! Oh and the swelling looks about the same, maybe just a *tiny* bit smaller. So nothing new to report there.

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Anonymous said...

TINA!!!! I have been SO busy with work I haven't been able to keep up with you, so I hopped on your blog tonight. I am so sorry about your hip! GNA has YUMMY calcium chews, if you can handle 'em. They do dissolve if you suck on them for a while!

YAY YAY YAY for your graft!!!!! I am SO HAPPY!!!!!! You are looking gorgeous - and I do mean it. I am so happy for you, woman. I am glad that infection is gone, even if it is seemingly so. That at least means it's at the tail end if it isn't totally gone :). I am glad things are on the up and up, Tina!!!

Yada Laura