Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Groshong is short for STUPID

I am waiting for a nurse to come to my house. My arm that has this Groshong in it is extremely sore and I cant use it much. From what I have read this is not a normal occurence so of course I am worried it is already infected or something stupid along those lines. Its not red or swollen and I dont have a fever which are the signs of an infection but then again my face wasnt red and I wasnt running a fever when I got this whole dumb infection in the first place so what does that mean anyway- obviously my body doesnt work like 'normal' bodies do. The nurse said it sounds like it could be what they call mechanical phlebitis (sp?) which is just like an irritation of that vein and it can be resolved by hot compresses and things like that so I pray thats all it is b/c I swear if they have to take this out and do another one or admit me to the hospital again I will go crazy. Ugh!

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Nikki said...

Hey you! Im glad you liked the Aeropostale order!! I just wanted to say that if you can get a blanket and stick it in the dryer and then put it on your arm, it may help it feel better. When I worked in the hospital, when I would start IV's I would wrap a blanket around the arm to get it nice and warmed it. It seems to help. I hope it feels better!