Monday, October 15, 2007

So begins the waiting game

Not too much new to report, it seems I am entering the waiting territory where we wait and wait until we find out if the graft was successful or not, barring any other complications I may have of course. I now only have to go to the hospital every other day (yay) to have my wound checked. We no longer have to pack it because it is too shallow, so we just have to wait for it to heal itself up the rest of the way naturally. That is nice because now we just have to keep it clean which is easier. I switched to a smaller bandage and dont have to wrap that gauze around my neck anymore- as long as I dont have an allergic reaction to this tape. I had a bad reaction to the tape while I was in the hospital, my neck was all red and irritated and bleeding. So we switched to paper tape which is gentler on my skin. I hope it works because the other is so bulky and uncomfortable.

The swelling looks the same so nothing fun to report there either. At this point I guess it is going to take a while but I cant help but feel impatient for it to go down already. Here I am today:

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