Sunday, January 31, 2010

So anxious I feel sick

Tomorrow I have to go and do what I have been putting off for 2 weeks now. My so called "permanent" denture has been becoming increasingly loose again. I feel so scared to go in because I keep having nightmares they will take them off and I will, once again, have no teeth. I literally have nightmres about it at night and havent been able to sleep well all week just being scared of it. I just do not understand why it will not stay tightened and am so scared it is one of my actual implants that is loose in the bone. If I lose that implant, then all is lost as I have no more bone down there to hold anymore implants to replace it and cant stand the thought of yet another painful bone grafting surgery from my hips. I just cant do that again.

To make this all even more frightening, I was looking in there last night, and in the front where they kept removing that excess tissue (the one they sent off to pathology to make sure it wasnt a recurrence) is more excess tissue coming out from underneath the denture! There are two pink lumps of it squeezing their way out from underneath, and now I can feel another in the back as well so it is a fairly good sized lump. I dont understand why it wont stop growing and am wondering if its the pregnancy that is making it go haywire.

I am just sick with worry over all of this. I feel as if I will never, ever, ever be done worrying about it all, and just wish life could go back to normal again. Its been so long I dont even remember what normal is.


val said...

Hi Tina, Sorry you are having problems but if it makes you feel better I have had tissue growth between the implant posts, they have removed the tissue under a local first time tested it and found that it was just the reaction to the implant, nothing to be alarmed about,I was very worried that the tumour was coming back, the tissue grew back again and it has been removed 3 times, my surgeon decided to leave it when it grew back again and let nature take over, which it has and the tissue is slowly shrinking on its own. So take heart from this I am travelling the same journey and understand your fears. Regards Val

Brenda said...

Hey girl, I pray you are comforted knowing that God has you in his hands, and doesn't give you more than you can handle. Which believe me, I wish he didn't trust us with so much... I know my stuff is nothing compared to yours... but I will pray for you!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.