Tuesday, February 2, 2010


SO, my appointment went not so great. First, they tightned the denture again (which is already starting to loosen again). It is still problematic that its loosening up but they havent given up hope yet. Then they saw the little lumps I was talking about. I know its never good when they bust out the camera and start taking pictures of the inside of my mouth. It usually means WTF is this and once again makes me feel like some kind of medical freakshow. Sigh.

So I have to go back Thursday to see the head oral surgeon. They want him to look at the lumps. They are in the exact same area as the others so they think its just more of the excess tissue but a lot of it is really red and inflamed. One of the residents who looked at it said he thought maybe because they are all in the area in the front where the plate is exposed a bit (the area that never closed up all the way, about 1 cm long) that it is trying to cover up that open area but not sure where to grow so its growing crazy all over the area. So I guess that would be a good thing....meaning my body is healthy and trying to heal itself still, but also not good because it is making SO much of it. They cant cover up that little exposed area either, because of the placement of it, so I just wonder when will it stop growing? I am scared because I know they are going to have to go in and cut it off. I am also scared of them taking the teeth off and not being able to get them back on. It terrifies me. Its really affecting everything about me, I am depressed and cant sleep much. I feel sick all the time. I am trying not to let it get to me but its terifying not knowing what is going to happen.

As usual, I'll let you guys know more when I know more.

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Brenda said...

the lord has you! i'll keep you in prayer...