Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bad scare today

I woke up and went to the bathroom and spat a large mouthful of dark blood into the sink. It kept coming out and I was so afraid. It was right in that area in front where the plate is exposed a little bit. I ran and dropped my kids off at my parents and drove like a madwoman to the hospital, crying the whole way because I was just so sure I had an infection.

The news is, well, that we just arent sure what happened. There are a few things they are saying. One is that maybe a piece of food got stuck down in there and irritated the area and it got a blood clot and just dislodged itself, causing all the bleeding. Another is that I could have upset an implant, which is less likely but the whole thing has been creaky lately when I chew and its possible from chewing on it so much I have done something bad to one of the implants (which I am so afraid of, but we wont know til Monday). Another could be infection....but really I am not exhibiting any signs (fever, swelling, redness, inflamed tissue etc). They said the area looks pink and healthy, except for one small area that is irritated appearing but other than that it "looked" good from the ouside. Although the last time I had a major infection I wasnt showing any of those signs either so I am still feeling very very unsettled.

So they cauterized the area with silver nitrate to make it stop bleeding and on Monday I am going to see Dr Wong who is going to have to remove the whole thing of teeth and check everything over (sorry Dr Wong if you're reading this, you know I love you). He didnt want to remove it until they had the final set of teeth ready but its looking like they will have to. The dr also said that it is harder to see if I have a pocket of infection or something going on in there with all the hardware in my mouth because it causes scatter in the x-rays so it kinda has to be out for them to get a really solid look in there. I am so worried and anxious. In my heart I am so afraid of infection again...all the way there I was almost sure they were going to say I had one and the plate had to come out. I am so done with major surgeries, and I just wish my body would act normally so I can be normal now the way I want to and be done with this mess.

I know I wont sleep until after my Monday appointment is over. :(


Amanda Ann said...

Oh no!! I will be praying for you that it isn't an infection. :( I'm so sorry. ::hugs::

Tracey said...

i am praying for you tina!

Anonymous said...

First of all you are only as normal as your personality allows. And, if everyone was the same life would be very boring don't you think? Second, your body is acting normal too. When ever there is something unnatural in your body, your body reacts to it. Your body is very normal. God have taken care of you this far, believe that He is with you right now and will continue to to walk with you and even carry you if He needs to. I'm not going to tell you not to worry becasue I know you too well to tell you that but I will tell you to keep trusting yourself. You made the right choice to go and see the dr. right away and not to wait. You are doing everything you can and the drs are doing everything they can. the rest is up to time and you have plenty of that. I love you and will continue to pray for you. You are always on my and Ben's minds. May the God who created you and all of us hold your whole "normal" body in the palm of His hands. :0)