Monday, September 29, 2008

Yay :)

Things are continuing to go well. I went in this morning for the dentist to adjust my denture, it had one spot that pinched when I opened my mouth wide but its 100% comfy now. I am so happy! The metal that was exposed already looks like it is starting to fill in more. That screw that was showing is mysteriously gone and covered now (already, even the doctor was surprised!). I really do think it was that bulky thing I was wearing in my mouth before, it would make my mouth sore and it was so hard to talk with it in, I think it was rubbing away the skin graft from having it in so long, but I had to wear it to keep my lip from falling back in. After that vestibuloplasty I wasnt taking any chances of having it go right back in the way it was before, so it was kind of a lose lose situation there. My doctor seemed very happy to see it is filling in after only a few days of wearing the new denture. So they are going to call me to schedule my appointment to have the teeth attached to the implants, it is an outpatient surgery done there in the clinic so I get to go home right after, there will be some swelling but nothing like before (I dont think, though I am a sweller).

I am just so excited to get so far, after everything I have been through. I am trying to stay positive. I do still have to have a couple of smaller procedures, really just cosmetic stuff, done in the future but right now I am staying focused on getting the teeth permanently attached! There are so many things I am looking forward to being able to eat again, I swear I'll probably gain 100 pounds in the months after this surgery.

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Spilt Sugar said...

I stumbled across your blog looking for something about hives/swelling from being allergic to Tylenol(totally different issue but that's the internet for ya)
I was curious so i read some of your posts and watched your progress through your photos you've posted (i'ma photographer so photos always strike me first, words second).
I just wanted to say your recovery is amazing and your strength is even more incredible. You are such a strong and beautiful woman. Hope things continue to improve and good luck with all you do!