Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting ready

So I have been gathering things getting ready for this surgery. So far I have a new puzzle to do (its pretty intensive, about 1000 pieces), some new movies to watch- I got the first two Harry Potter movies yesterday, I have been buying them out of order- as well as am renting the first couple of DVDs of this series called The Tudors which I have been watching, and have a couple of new books as well. Chris almost bought me the new Stephen King book yesterday but really it is like $30 since it is a hardback and I just felt too guilty spending so much on a book even though secretly I still really want it (I am a huge SK fan). I may check around for it on Ebay later this week if I find I am still bored with all the resting I have to do. I am not sure about the puzzle, I have never done one before on my own but I thought it may be a good idea to kinda break up the monotony.

I am so curious as to how my healing will be with this surgery. It is outpatient so it cant be as bad as the others (I hope) but I am inevitably a sweller anyway so I know there will be lots of swelling. I am still really worried about infection but all I can do is follow instructions to a T and sit back and hope this time will be different. The not being able to eat except for liquids is always hard on me too. There is only so much you can blend up before you want to slam your head into the wall repeatedly until you black out and forget about being hungry. So much for the weight I gained back after this last surgery (I dropped down to about 113/114 and am now back up to 120 but that wont last long).

I am going to enjoy my day today and tomorrow. Last night Chris and I went out, it was our 6 year anniversary. We enjoyed a nice Japanese dinner and then went and had dessert, I had this heavenly triple chocolate cake but then when we got home I was so tired I went to bed right away. I have been tired a lot lately, it is the stress I know. Today I am going to lunch with my mom and then tomorrow lunch with Chris' mom and to finish up some last minute Spring shopping for the kids so it doesnt nag at me. I have to be at the hospital at 8 am on Wednesday so we will leave here at 7:15 to drop Aron off at Chris' moms, plus we have to check in to a new part of the hopsital this time and I need time to find it and not be late.

Of course I will update with pictures and everything. Today or tomorrow I am going to post some before pics. I need to remind myself that it wont look better instantly as the lip has been pulled in for almost 2 years now so it will take some time to release but it will be an improvement anyway.

I had a dream I woke up with a huge 'super chin' and it was quite a nightmare. I suppose if that happens I can always go buy a cape.

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