Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yesterday's appointment

Another stressful one, but also one step closer to the finish line.

So this appointment they needed to once again remove my teeth and fit the metal base on to each implant. Then they took a panoramic to be sure that each implant was fitting *just* so. They were. So they then had to take this stuff and take an impression again of the base in my mouth for the new teeth. It had to be 'built up' though, because there are no gums down there (they were removed with the tumor, so I just have a floor to my mouth and thats it) to get a good impression. So what they did was stick one of those long wooden sticks in each of my implant holes (looks like a long wooden toothpick) and then cut them off, and then filled it with the stuff called "Blue Moose" (I think) to take an impression. That was so that the holes didnt get closed up with the stuff that they used, obviously. Then I closed my mouth and let it set.

Well when it was done, it didnt go as easily as they thought (surprised, anyone? I wasnt). The 3 wooden pieces came out of each implant hole but one would not. Of course, they had to remove it before they could take the base out of my mouth (along with the stuff that took the impression) so it took them nearly an hour of twisting, yanking and pulling just to get the damn thing out of the hole. I guess my saliva had mixed in with the solution they used for the impression and caused the wood to stick to the hole very tightly and kinda dissentigrate. It was awful. Finally they got it out but I was so anxious the whole time and scared that they wouldnt be able to get it out. All in all my mouth was propped open from 11 am to 1:15 pm. I was very sore afterwards, because it just takes its toll on your jaw when you arent used to having to open so wide. Also, keep in my mind my new jaw is very very thin, as I only got a couple cm of bone in there from my graft, so any amount of yanking and tugging on the teeh or it really hurts and makes it very sore after. But the good news is they got the wooden piece out, got the metal base out + the impression stuff and sent it to the lab. From my understanding, the next step is they will do an impression of my teeth set in wax, which is supposed to be an easy appointment (cant help but wonder what that means, ha ha) and then the final appointment they will send teeth that are all attached together to the base. Voila! Teeth, and done. For now. God knows for how long.

I really wanted to bring my camera but alas I forgot it again. Next time. I told my dr how I want to write a book and he said they would be able to help me remember all the details if I really wanted to. He also thought I should consider being a dental assistant. I cant help but say I have really thought so as well. It was funny, while I was waiting for my panoramic, the girl ahead of me's image popped up on the computer and I was able to point out all the parts. "That is 2 implants, there and there, right?" "Yes." "Two root canals, there and there?" "Yes." "That's a small bridge of 3 teeth, right?" "Yes." "That is a filling there and there." "Yes." "And there, that cloudy white bit, that is how high her bone goes from her gums, right?" "Yes." Ha! They should pay me for this stuff.

Maybe sometime. I'll keep you posted. As usual.

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Brenda said...

Well ma'am, I got the first one all done. Day home from hospital and swollen like a I dunno. And... man tylenol and oxycodone is amazing. In the meantime, I'm waiting for my first bath, that'll be great. especially since hair hasn't been washed since Tuesday morning.