Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stressing a bit

My denture decided to get all floppy again, and for about 4 days I wasnt even able to eat anything. It had never been that loose before and it was very unsettling. Whenever I even drank anything I could feel it lift up on the right side where it had previously cracked, but the whole thing just felt seriously unstable.

So I went in yesterday to see if they could tighten it. It had cracked again in the original broken spot, and I dont even know how since ever since I got it fixed I was scared to eat anything anyway, so I was living on extremely soft foods, but I think it was just going to re-crack anyway because of the location. They ended up having to remove the teeth....when he said that at first I started to cry. He asked me why I was crying and said he needed to remove them in order to fix it properly, and also to clean it for me. I guess it was just so scary for me to have them off for a lot of reasons. The biggest being that they would not be able to get it back on or something would break in the process. But he also needed to check one of my implants that he said he was worried about. That scared me even more, because I am down to only 4 implants, and with a whole bridge of teeth that need to be anchored if I lose even one this whole process just isnt going to work.

So they got the teeth off, and it was pretty rough on me. To be honest, I was surprised at the violent emotions that came out when they took them off. As soon as I felt that familiar lip-caving in sensation of there being no teeth in there I cried. I cried the whole time he was fixing it, and until it was back on. I guess it just brought back memories of all the time that there were no teeth in there, how people stared at me every day and I just had to deal with it and suck it up. It was just a very helpless feeling I guess. But anyway, it turns out the implants look okay, the one he was worried about had just loosened from the screw over time, so it was still firmly anchored in place, which is good. Loosening of the actual implant would have meant a failure, which we really shouldnt be having at this point so that was worrisome, but hey its me, right? So I was scared. But after quite a bit of stress he got the teeth back on.

I can honestly say I havent felt them this anchored in a while. It is so nice to be able to eat and move my jaw around and feel the teeth staying perfectly in place (for now I guess). The biggest problem is that they are only firmly down in 2 of the implants (the ones on either side in the back) because the two closer to the front had tissue collapse back over the hole and they werent able to get the implants screwed back in firmly. He said when they do the permanent ones they will have to remove some of the tissue covering those implants to get back to the hole, which of course doesnt sound pleasant, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. So I am running on only 2 implants being anchored to the bridge right now, a temporary fix, and it makes me nervous. As a result I am really limited still in what I can eat which sucks, because at this point I should have had the permanent bridge in and be able to eat almost anything but I still cant. I miss eating chips and sandwiches on rolls and steak. But hey right now I am just happy there are teeth in there still and that I can eat some things and go about and people dont stare at me like there is something wrong with my face(as much). Its funny and sad that after all the downfalls and issues I've had to deal with how my expectations and what I am 'happy' with have really lowered, huh? But such is life.

Just wanted to update. At this point its just a matter of trying to keep this bridge anchored and in one piece until they can pay the lab and finish my permanent bridge. God knows when that will be, but I am praying every day for a miracle.

Hope all is well with my readers out in blogland.

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ginny said...

Hello Tina,
Sorry to hear about the bridge. Sending some lovely rays of sunshine and hugs along your way! :)

Lotsa luv,