Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Ok so I am pretty sure after almost 4 years of non-stop surgeries and medical procedures my body has decided it hates me. Really. I am also fairly certain my immune system has decided to completely hit the road and go find some other healthier body to take care of, because mine hasnt been working for crap ever since I started this journey with ameloblastoma. Wish it would have sent me the memo.

Every time I catch a common cold, or am around someone who is ill, I catch it. Its not a matter of if I will, but when. I literally can count the number of days after I come in contact with someone who is ill when I will catch it, and that number of days is 2 my friend. Two whole days of being healthy then BAM! I have whatever illness I was in contact with, except I have it times 10 and am completely miserable. Then 9/10 times I end up on an antibiotic of some sort as well due to an infection. Like I said, immune system has hit the road, jack.

My husband and son had colds last week. Chris never gets sick, and when he does it last about 24 hours then he is up and about and just dandy. He's lucky I love him so much. Actually, we always blame it on the military's medication they pumped into him during boot camp, because after that he was just NEVER sick, he has the immune system of...well...a really healthy person I guess. Anyhoo, so he was pretty sick with this cold, and it lasted about 5 days which was unusual for him. My son had it as well, and he is still getting better, he just still has a runny nose. So on Saturday, about 2 days into their sickness, I began to not feel so hot myself. Come Sunday after work and I was in bed with aches, fever and my nasal passages filling with mucous and crap. Well every day has been a bit worse since then, and now my ears and chest are filled with this stuff. So off I go to the dr today to figure out what it is. I am about 99% sure it is a sinus infection again and I will end up on antibiotics again. I am forever on antibiotics. I just ended a round of them for a serious UTI and I had to have 2 rounds of it to finish it off. I wonder if they shouldnt just keep switching them up on me and just keep me on them forever to safeguard me from every little sneeze, cough and handshake I come into contact with for the rest of my life. Grrrr.

Anyway, rant over. I'll keep you posted. Send some healthy vibes my way please, if you can spare them. I'd appreciate it. And if anyone sees my crappy immune system running around somewhere, tell it I need it back in full working order, stat. Thanks.

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ginny said...

Hello Tina,
Get well soon! Sending healthy and happy vibes over! :)