Monday, January 5, 2009


I've been up all night. Last night something metal fell into my cheek while I was laying on my side watching TV. I looked in my mouth and it was the very middle implant (I have 5). I dont know a lot about the implants and what they look like so I am praying it is just the healing cap and not the entire thing. I am looking at it and the thing that worries me is the screw part on the bottom. I thought the healing caps would be like the lugnuts that go onto the screw if that makes sense, so seeing that screw part on the bottom is making me very very anxious. They had told me when I had the surgery that they thought they were going to lose that implant for a while and it has been swelling up and getting a lump on it (I think I posted about that a while ago and being worried at seeing a new lump in my mouth). Now that it is out I see the lump must have been the top working its way out because the floor of my mouth is smooth there now where the implant was. I am just sick with worry because I want this to all be okay and not to have to have another implant put back in before what was supposed to be my final surgery. I am worried either way because if it wasnt the entire thing and they have to screw that top back on, the tissue down there has covered the hole back up again so either way when they try to get that thing back in there its going to be very painful. I cant stop feeling wroried about it. Please think of me and I will update when I get back, I am going to finish getting my daughter ready for school and then head to the hospital to see my doctors.

Here is a picture of it, I put it in a baggie:


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