Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sorry I am MIA

Things are crazy planning the wedding and our trip to Las Vegas. It will be my first time on an airplane and I am so nervous! It really doesn't help that an airplane actually went down this week in the news because of a flock of birds flying into the engines (Hello! They're BIRDS- they fly in the sky. Its what they DO, fer cryin' out loud!) So yeah, I am not feelin' too hot on air travel right now. *sigh. Then there are a few other things we are trying to wrap up. Chris got his suit today and I got shoes, which I am not too fond of. I may take them back and get others but at least I have a pair just in case. Are all dress shoes so uncomfortable?! I guess I am just not a "heels" kind of girl. My mom is sewing my dress. She is a pretty great seamstress and it only cost $30 for the fabric and pattern so hopefully it comes out the way I want. My dress is a cream color, with a wide champagne/golden colored sash around the middle. It is tea length (ie, short) and fairly casual. Its nothing too fancy, as there is just no way I wanted something like that. Even before anything happened to my face I was never cool with being around a lot of people and this is just the kind of simple, casual thing that I want for Chris and I to finally legalize our relationship together.

Hopefully I can afford a few pictures, the photographer is so expensive and I am sad none of my awesome photography gals live near LV to help us out with that part of it all but I will get at least one good one to share.

As far as surgeries go, we are at a standstill until at least this is over, so they will probably want to get in there the last week of Jan/ first week of Feb to attach the teeth. The one implant where the top came off has a little bubble on it. It has been worrying me but it doesn't look too different than the other areas on the floor of my mouth so I am trying not to worry about it. There is no pain or redness or anything and I keep my mouth very clean.

I'll keep you all posted!

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