Thursday, July 25, 2013

8 Years Later

Hello, I am sorry I've been MIA! I have created a support group on the site Facebook... (it is private, so go and request an add from me please!) as well as raising 3 busy kiddos! Ages 13, 8 and 3. My 13 yr old daughter has been diagnosed as bipolar as well as PDD-NOS, which is on the spectrum, so that has taken quite a bit of my attention away from my amelo as well as thinking about what the future holds for me in terms of my surgeries. And my 3 yr old is busy busy busy!

I still seem to be in a holding pattern in terms of whether or not this is it for me for procedures. My denture does not fit very well, and is very uncomfortable. Since my last procedure, where doctors placed a bit of metal between my right back tooth and implant on that side in order to "anchor" it down, it seems my denture has shifted to that side and put immense pressure on my back right tooth. So much so, it is often difficult to open very wide at all, which makes brushing difficult as well as eating and, sometimes, even talking. My dr's assured me that it would not "shift" as the implants are anchored in the titanium of my jaw, however, something has indeed shifted, and it is apparent as you can see in front of my left back tooth now, and before it was aligned with both back teeth. I think it's just how my face has shifted after all the healing was said and done, even 8 years later.

I often wonder if this is it for me, but I feel its not. I worry my denture will continue to shift SO much that that right back tooth will eventually break. But, I also need to focus on my kids, and my life as well for once. This tumor has taken 8 years from my life, and its unfortunate that it got to that point.

In September I am returning to school to get my degree, and all I can do is pray my denture stays put long enough for that, then I can focus on what the future will hold for me. Only one more year...c'mon denture, you can do it! *shakes fist*

 Also, sorry if no one has been able to get a hold of me. I forgot about my blog for a while, then couldnt remember my password for blogger and ended up just tonight resetting it. My email is if anyone directly needs to get a hold of me (all SPAM is blocked), or has any questions. In the meantime, here are a few updated pics of my face, and me with my kids!

Come join our Facebook Ameloblastoma support group. Either find me directly, or just type in Ameloblastoma. I think there are a couple, but ours is just titled Ameloblastoma and it is a closed group, so you have to request permission to join. I did that to keep people's privacy, not to exclude anyone. We'd love to take in some new members. We are currently at almost 200, and counting! It is a very active group!  photo b5b79a0a-956f-43d9-b5ad-1292648b9a17_zps7edd2e6a.jpg IMG_4138-1_zpsd73af5ed photo IMG_4138-1_zpsd73af5ed.jpg  photo 2011-07-31112307-1.jpg

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