Saturday, May 7, 2011

More issues

Sorry I've been MIA. Pretty much I have still been having issues with that right implant, and its been incredibly stressful. If you remember, they had placed 4 implants and one did not integrate. Well, the one we lost was pretty much the "partner" implant to the one on the far right. So, I have two on the left, a big gap, then the one on the far right. The denture seems to not be able to stay attached to that implant and continues to loosen. In the beginning it was a gradual thing, and I could go a few months with it being ok. They also thought it may have been due to my pregnancy, so we had high hopes it would all pan out after my baby was born. Then it began to loosen almost instantly after being tightened. After going about this way for quite a while, my dr finally decided to remove the teeth and check all of the abutments. This was only a couple of weeks ago. Turns out that the abutment was completely stripped on that implant, so he replaced it, tightened everything and said all was well. We were worried the implant itself had loosened but they said all seemed well (and, quite frankly, its very rare for an implant to fail after integration has taken place). Well, I lasted one week, then the screw snapped off in the abutment again. GAH!!!!

Now, let me tell you something. When you have been through as much as I have, you would do damn near anything at this point just to get some teeth that a) WORK (as in, letting me EAT) and b) will just stay tightened so you arent returning to the teaching hospital your drs work at every week, and spending hours there waiting just to get them tightened, only for them to come loose again! SO, yes, my diet had been liquids and very very soft foods. In fact, after it had been tightened I was so paranoid that I barely chewed! And, it still snapped- when I yawned, no less. Obviously I need to be able to yawn and chew even soft foods to survive, so this just ISN'T working.

The tentative plan now is to go back in remove the teeth, re-take impressions and re-work the hardware under the teeth. My dr says it could be that the bone has settled again in some places and is no longer the way it was back when the teeth were first placed. So, the bone will have changed but the metal obviously would still be the same, and it could be causing stress at certain points underneath when I chew or even just open my mouth. I am hoping they can let me use my old denture (the one I had from my other surgeries back before I got this permanent denture) which looks exactly like the one I have now except it is acrylic, so they can change it to fit my mouth again if need be. I know it wont fit right because its been a very long time, but praying they will not leave me without teeth during this process.

I get pretty beside myself t the thought of them taking th eteteh off. In fact, my poor d has taken to sedating me withvalium before even trying tot ake the teeth off, because my anxiety gets so sky high that I cry and tremble and he says I make himt oo nervous to work on me. Its awful. But, it tatke sme back to the almost 2 uyrs I went without teeth, with peopel poingint gn and staring at me every time Ilft the house, and I just cannot deal. I know that sounds weak, but its where I;m atnow.

Anyway, prayers please that this is the "easy" fix that we are looking for. I am so afraid we will be at a loss if this all doesnt work.

Oh, and a new picture of me these days, with my "baby" who will be 10 mos old in a couple of day! Not so much of a baby anymore already *sniff.


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Brenda said...

You look amazing, praying for strength and peace!