Monday, September 7, 2009

Still waiting

I wonder how many of my posts are titled that?

Yes we are just waiting these days. I am working a lot of hours, so I have been tired lately but it is very nice to be out and among "real" people. You can forget that you have anything else going on when you try. Next week I am going to call and see when my next appointment will be. Poor Dr Wong has to come out on his days off to work on me, because it takes so long every time and he cant fit me into his regular schedule. I am not too positive what the next step is, so I guess it will be a surprise. But I will, as usual, keep you posted when I know more.

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Brenda said...

Hi Tina, I hope the waiting game isn't too frustrating, but I'm glad to hear you're working and enjoying being out in the world! Stay strong!