Monday, February 25, 2008

Keep on keepin' on...

Well we are still in a waiting period so there hasn't been much to post about...I guess with my history less posting=better news huh? I find I go in cycles where when I am going through a rough patch I blog almost every day, its one of the ways I get by I guess. I saw my doctor last week...they put me on a muscle relaxer because of the migraines I have been getting as well as hearing this odd stretching type sound when I chew. It makes it so I don't want to eat, because it is reminiscent of something that is about to snap, if that makes sense. The headaches are from me straining to keep my mouth shut, especially when we are out and about. Its tough because I find I want to go out less because it is more strain to try to arrange my face in lines that appear as 'normal' as I can, but the less I get out the more depressed I get. So I just suffer though the headaches best I can. It really is getting hard to chew and keep my mouth shut because the scarring is pulling my lip so far in.

Other than that they said they are going to do an in-depth CT scan the end of March...March 20th to be exact. They are going to see the "quality" of bone I have made as well as do pre-op for my next surgery which should be about April sometime. I am looking forward to that surgery the most because it will release some of the tension in my face from my lip being pulled in the way it is and should give me some relief. But I am so nervous that they are either going to find something else wrong then or see that my body isnt making bone (which is always what has happened in the past). I know I will be a bit of a wreck until then so it cant really come soon enough.

I have gained a couple of pounds back as well which is nice.

Oh and we are heading to Disneyland next week! I am so so excited, as it will be both kids' first will be a bit of a nice break as well with the family.

Anway, as of today I am 168 days post op (from September 11th) from the last bone graft. Here are some more pictures.


And my hip scars:

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